Abdulrahman Zubaila

A Saudi artist and comedian... Abdulrahman is a Saudi comedian born in 1984. He has a bachelor's degree from King Abdulaziz University in Human Resources Management 

and a high diploma in Computer from the College of Telecom and Electronics in Jeddah. Abdulrahman began his artistic career with the birth of the Jeddah comedy club, which was later known as the Comedy Club and was one of the first talents discovered since the first day.

His special touch

Abdulrahman added his own touch in the comedy in terms of imitating some of accents precisely and introducing comedy songs to the club as the first comedy to perform Comedy song on stage. Abdulrahman starred in a variety of artistic styles including:

  • Write content Acting
  • Hosting and Stand up in Arabic and English
  • Improv
  • Comedy Songs
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