A Comedy is, in modern times, a drama which has a generally funny content and in  general a happy ending.This definition is used for theatre plays, and was first used in ancient Greece.

Our Vision

To be the Leading entertainment
and comedy production company
following its passion and living its

Our Mission

Happiness for all through leading
change and creating exiting
opportunities in entertainment.


First Comedy Club in Saudi

Rapidly Growing Industry
  • -Comedy and starnup comedy
  • -Saudi Content on YouTube

Social Commitment

Developing and Nurturing talents

As they said “Alone we are smart, together we are brilliant” so we wouldn’t reach this level of greatness without the support of the governmental authorities and brands.

Since we started, we have received the full support by the Governmental Authorities such As Ministry of Culture and Information, General Entertainment Authority, Makkah Province Emirate and Saudi Arabian Society of Culture and Arts to improve the Art and Entertainment industry.

Ministry of Culture and Information

Since day one the Ministry of Culture and Information support as by the guidelines and consults to improve the quality of the artistic work without affecting the entertaining value

General Entertainment Authority

Regardless of the short period for GEA, the role it plays to support us is very crucial by providing us with financial support, adding the dates of our events in the calendar of the important entertaining events in Saudi Arabia and advertise for it.

Makkah Province Emirate

Makkah Province Emirate supports us by helping us to get the required permits

Saudi Arabian Society of Culture and Arts

For the whole journey of Al-Comedy Club,Saudi Arabian Society of Culture and Arts supports us by providing their great theatre to help us to perform shows in front of passionate fans.


Successful partnerships with brands

We don’t deal with our partners as a Client/supplier relationship; our relation depends on the mutual benefits for both sides to assure a successful partnership and to get the most of this agreement

To be a part of this successful partnerships please contact us on: Info@alcomedyclub.sa